The Importance Of Web Design In Mornington Marketing

Staying up to date on recent web design trends is crucial to digital marketing success. A sleek and modern website today may look outdated and unattractive in just a few months. So you want your web design to look great throughout. Here are some web design trends you should consider for your site.

Site Speed

Nobody likes to be kept waiting. Studies show that more than 50% of users expect that a site should load within two seconds or less after clicking and that they’ll abandon sites that take more than three seconds to load. Invest in a beautiful site, but if the design is so data-heavy that it takes ages to load, you could be losing plenty of revenue as potential clients will be leaving your site prematurely. Google, for example, prioritises rankings for sites that load faster than others. Incorporate the design elements of your website in such a way that they don’t slow down the time it takes for your site to load.

Clean Minimalist Design

Minimalist or flat web designs by Chain Digital Mornington have been a growing trend. Simplistic designs help your site to meet many of the speed requirements that search engines are starting to require. These simplistic designs, characterised by quick loading speeds, hold high SEO value and are currently trending because they allow both desktop and mobile users to enjoy fast speeds. Faster loading times mean a higher ranking for your website, and with a minimalist design, potential clients will stay longer on your site, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Video Background

It’s easy to assume that the onset of minimalist designs would mean less video. Video backgrounds are still very popular. Videos are more visually compelling than other types of content and they’ve been shown to increase conversion levels. Whenever a visitor lands on your website and a video starts playing in the background, they’re likely to say a bit longer to watch it because videos are more attention-grabbing than images or text will ever be. The trick with video backgrounds is to make them short, muted and high quality.

Mobile First Design

The mobile search takes the top spot as the highest search form worldwide. Search engines have followed suit by prioritising sites that are mobile-friendly over those that aren’t. Mobile first web design involves changing the way your site is designed fundamentally. The standard used to be designing a website for a desktop or laptop before adding a mobile-friendly or responsive design. Mobile first design does the opposite. It starts with designing the site for mobile users before creating a desktop version. This enhances user experience on mobile devices.